Standard Educational Packet

The educational version-standard packet for Masters of Rhythm with addendum contains the 30-minute documentary (with closed captions and chapters), and several interesting extras to give a full one hour of video. The packet also includes posters, a Screening and Discussion Guide, a CD (Cajón Is King: an Introduction to Afro-Peruvian Music) and key chains with photos of the documentary's stars.

The extras include More about zapateo, Afro-Peruvian Talking Drums, and A Trip to the El Carmen District, a district with several predominantly Afro-Peruvian towns that is a center of Afro-Peruvian traditional culture.

As of October 2017, Masters of Rhythm had screened in five countries, winning prizes in Germany and USA.

We have set up variable pricing (which includes PPRs) according to the type of educational institution or organization: Colleges, universities & museums: $170; Cultural & community organizations: $110; Public libraries & K-12: $80. You can pay directly via PayPal, or send a Purchase Order to Palomino Productions, P.O. Box 8565, Berkeley, CA., 94707, USA.

Educational-Standard Packet

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