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MASTERS of RHYTHM: the AFRO-PERUVIAN WAY ---- "Highly recommended." (Video Librarian)

Standard Educational Packet - DOWNLOAD or RENT/STREAM (up to 1 year)

· The documentary (28 minutes, with closed captions & extras)
AND (in digital format)
· Screening Kit (6 pgs. - a HOW TO for smaller organizations wanting to organize a screening event)
· Classroom Supplements (12 pgs. with information about Afro-Peruvians, the cajón, other percussion instruments, etc. AND discussion questions, additional reading)
· CD of Afro-Peruvian music
· Poster & post cards

Masters of Rhythm has aired over national PBS and screened in film festivals in five countries, winning prizes in Germany and USA. It is evergreen, and appropriate for Africana/African American Studies, Latino Studies, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology and Music. It focuses on the cajón drum, symbol of Afro-Peruvian culture, an instrument adopted by Latin Jazz and Spanish flamenco.

Priced for colleges, universities & large museums; we're guessing small museums, cultural and community organizations, public libraries, and K-12 will want the physical packet, for which we have a lower price (SEE BELOW). If needed, download the contract for standard, non-commercial PPRs HERE, then sign and send us a copy; digital signatures are fine. For commercial PPRs (allowing you to charge admission), there is a modest additional fee. Contact us at

--Rent/Stream is $110 for one year. Download is $170. AND by purchasing from us, you help us continue our filmmaking.

Educational Streaming for MORE THAN 1 YEAR

If you need STREAMING for more than one year, you can obtain it from one of our educational distributors: Alexander Street Press, Films for the Humanities and Sciences or Digitalia Film Library. Please be aware that these distributors do not have the extras, the poster and post cards, the Screening Kit, or the Classroom Supplements. In addition, only Digitalia Film Library has the 2019, final version of the documentary, substantially as shown over PBS. Alexander Street Press and Films for the Humanities and Sciences have the earlier, 2017, version.

Standard Educational Packet - PHYSICAL DVD

· everything contained in the Standard Educational Packet (SEE ABOVE): 28-minute documentary, Classroom Supplements, Screening Kit, CD, poster and post cards.

WE HAVE VARIABLE PRICING according to the type and size of institution/organization: $170 (universities, colleges, large museums); $100 (cultural & community organizations, small museums); and $80 (public libraries, K-12).

WE SHIP ORDERS MADE ON-LINE within 48 hours of receiving payment (excluding weekends and holidays). You may instead send us a Purchase Order which we will process within 10 days of receipt; please include $20 for S&H. Download non-commercial PPRs HERE; please sign and return. For Commercial PPRs (allowing you to charge admission), contact us at

Again, by purchasing directly from us, you really help us continue our filmmaking.

Educational-Standard Packet

Delux Educational Packet - PHYSICAL DVDs

This includes everything in the Standard Educational Packet plus an additional documentary produced/directed by Eve A. Ma called A Zest for Life: Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz. Its star is Lalo Izquierdo, who will have become familiar to you from Masters of Rhythm.

A Zest for Life, one hour long (with closed captions and chapters), has more historical and cultural information than the more intimate Masters of Rhythm, and compliments it nicely. Indeed, the two together are a great introduction to the Afro-Peruvian community, its history, culture, and performing tradition. Produced in 2015, it aired from coast to coast over individual PBS stations. Find out more about it HERE.

As in the case of the Standard Educational Packet - PHYSICAL DVD, we have set up variable pricing and ship within 24 hours of receiving an order on-line. You may also mail us a Purchase Order which we will process within 10 days of receipt. S&H is $20.

If you need non-commercial PPRs, you can download them HERE. For Commercial PPRs, which allow you to charge admission, please contact us

Educational-Delux Packet