Masters of Rhythm

with addendum

The compelling rhythms of Afro-Peru - undiscovered corner of the African diaspora.



September 2017:

The presentation of the documentary in our venue went very well. We were definitely satisfied. The audience was of a reasonable size, larger than what we usually have for this type of activity. In addition, people were interested in the topic and participated actively in the Q&A session after the screening.

Javier Padilla Gil, managing director
Sala la Quemá (cinema cycle), September 2017
Jerez de la Frontera, SPAIN

July 2017:

We had the pleasure of working with Eve A. Ma in co-producing an event that included a special screening of her latest documentary 'Masters of Rhythm' and a live music demonstration by Peruvian musicians who are deeply connected & committed to preserving Afro-Peruvian music and dance.

Eve A. Ma presented the idea of also including the live music demonstration as a way for the audience to see first-hand these beautiful cultural traditions that they see in the film, but also to showcase a local master teaching artist that is a direct descendant to a master artist featured in the film. The audience reacted very positively to this event and we even extended the official end time because the audience wanted more time to ask questions about the film and to enjoy more of the musical performance.

We would be happy to work with Eve A. Ma again on another collaboration.

Bianca Torres, co-director
La Peña Cultural Center, July 2017
Berkeley, California, USA