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MASTERS of RHYTHM: the AFRO-PERUVIAN WAY ---- "Highly recommended." (Video Librarian)


Available as stream/download or physical DVD - through us or through Alexander Street Press. The documentary has closed captions and chapters; and when purchased through us, it has Extras: Afro-Peruvian "talking drums," More about "hatajos de negritos," etc..

Especially appropriate for Africana and African-American Studies, Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology sections focused on the African Diaspora, and Music Dept.. Good as a springboard for a lecture, or for student enrichment.

Filmed in Peru, 28 min. (Long enough to be substantive, short enough for discussion.)

As seen on PBS


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· The documentary (28 min., w/ closed captions & extras)

· Classroom Supplements (13 pgs.) with information about Afro-Peruvians, the cajón, other percussion instruments, etc. PLUS discussion questions, and additional reading

· Screening Kit (6 pgs. - a HOW TO for smaller organizations wanting to organize a screening event), poster & post cards

· CD of Afro-Peruvian music


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Educational-Standard Packet

Contact us HERE for a screening with filmmaker present for Q&A.

Educational Streaming for MORE THAN 1 YEAR

If you need STREAMING for more than one year, you can obtain it from one our educational distributor: Digitalia Film Library. Please be aware that these distributors do not have the extras, the poster and post cards, the Screening Kit, or the Classroom Supplements. In addition, only Digitalia Film Library has the 2019, final version of the documentary, substantially as shown over PBS. Alexander Street Press and Films for the Humanities and Sciences have the earlier, 2017, version.

Delux Educational Packet - Masters of Rhythm plus companion documentary - PHYSICAL DVDs


--everything in the Standard Educational Packet plus a second documentary by filmmaker Ma called A Zest for Life: Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz.

One hour long, with closed captions and chapters, A Zest for Life has more historical and cultural information than the more intimate Masters of Rhythm. Produced in 2015, it aired from coast to coast over individual PBS stations. Find out more HERE.


--only available in physical format--

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Educational - Delux Pack

Contact us HERE for a screening with filmmaker present for Q&A.

REVIEW for A Zest for Life:

"...satisfying...a good educational tool." Anthropology Review (Troy Bedford)

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