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Purchase DOCUMENTARY Masters of Rhythm

STREAM-DOWNLOAD: In addition to the documentary itselt, you'll get several Extras for a full 50 minutes of viewing. The Extras include the dance la Valentina, a cooking demonstration of a very tasty Afro-Peruvian dish, and Afro-Peruvian Talking Drums.


PHYSICAL DVD: As in the streaming/download option, in addition to the documentary, the DVD contains several Extras. It also has closed captions and chapters.

Purchase Music Album - Cajón Is King

DOWNLOAD: Cajón Is King contains 12 tracks: all of the music from Masters of Rhythm, several tracks from my earlier documentary A Zest for Life: Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz, and a track in which Lalo Izquierdo demonstrates rhythms from North and South America. --NOTE: the statue on the cover (left) is Caitro Soto, recently deceased master cajón player from Cañete, Peru.



Purchase Double-Sided Key Chains

These key chains have an image of the three percussionists on one side, and Huevito leaping into the air on the other. Not to be confused with your ordinary key chain!

Purchase - the works

Purchase "The Works" and save $7.00: Masters of Rhythm on DVD, Cajón Is King on CD, and a Double-Sided Key Chain, a $32 value, all for only $25 (plus S&H).